June 22, 2011

That Special Find? Buy It When You See It !

How many times have you been somewhere, your one and only time being there, and not bought what you really wanted? I used to have so many regrets upon return from a trip- years ago. So now my mantra is: buy it.

I would obsess and obsess about the wallet, the Italian jewelry, the outfit, the leather pocketbook, the boots---oooh the boots-and I’d end up calling overseas, reminding the salesperson who I was, and describing the item- and then would pay to have the item shipped to me. And I couldn’t rest until it was done- anyways- no more of that craziness- I just buy it when I see it.

It was impossible to let go of desiring that special something, whatever it was. But that feeling has mellowed somehow now. First of all, aging is kind of good to us in that way. It seems to either enhance or diminish certain idiosyncrasies. The ones it enhances we just have to live with; and the ones that aging diminishes, well, be thankful.

Nowadays, even though it is certainly true that we enjoy a global marketplace, and that stunning Italian necklace or soft leather pocketbook you passed up could possibly be found online, better to be safe – and then enjoy the excitement of unpacking when you get home.

June 13, 2011

Summer Bracelets- Colorful Bracelets with Swarovski Beads

Enjoy these fresh and colorful stretchy beaded bracelets. The sun is shining and we are looking forward to summer in the city and at the beach.