October 12, 2011

Florence, Home away from Home

After a very misty early AM, the streets are waking up. It's 8AM, I've had my usual room service of yogurt, brioche and tea, and am watching the local news. This hotel room has become my home away from home over the years. It is consistent, comfy and nurturing.

I'm also looking through my favorite fashion magazine, Grazia. The local magazine stand, known as an edicola in Italian,  is one of my usual stops on my first day, where I load up on Italian fashion and news magazines. I've been reading Grazia for over 30 years. It's full of glossy fashion photos of this season's trends, and has interesting articles.  This edition is heavy- I think in a pinch I  could use it to do some bicep curls!

Off this AM to Angela Caputi's shop and showroom. A presto!