August 25, 2010

IVAT Tuscan Glass at

Sometimes I get so fixated on my clothes or my home being put together in neutral colors, that I forget how much excitement, lightness and happiness a splash of color from Tuscan glass can add to a table. I suppose that’s what we all had in mind when we saw these IVAT handmade glass bowls and platters in Milan at the Macef trade show. It was mid-January, the sky was grey, and we were indoors all day seeing Italian merchandise all around us.

Here’s a video put together by Serena Italian Imports, especially for you, so you can see the colors and gorgeous design of our IVAT collection:

We hadn’t been too familiar with the IVAT name before the show, and each day the show booth was so crowded, we hesitated to stop. Finally we did, and we’re so glad! Gorgeous, hand blown and hand-painted glass platters and decorative bowls that match, and are gorgeous! There’s a colorful set of IVAT Sinatra Harlequin Bowls, which work perfectly as glass ice cream bowls. They have been selling so well that we hope to even get to the IVAT showroom in the fall, in Arezzo, not far from Florence, to see what other goodies they have come up with. Can’t wait to get there.

August 23, 2010

Italian Handbags by Gianni Chiarini-What do they do for us?

We all love our high quality handbags and we all have particular tastes and needs- just like we do with our wallets- shape, feel, additional extra compartments. But let me tell you something- there is nothing like Italian handbags. From design to execution you can’t beat them.

When I carry a Gianni Chiarini bag, from a utilitarian standpoint I’m all set- everything I need is in my bag, I feel confident (I know, it sounds really trite to say that a bag makes me feel confident)- but I never feel that the design nor shape is over the top, nor is it dwarfing the rest of my look.

Serena Italian Imports’ Gianni Chiarini City Collection is a group of Italian handbags, with clean design, crisp lines, and there’s something for everyone, including suede bags. Take the Cortona foldover bag, for example. The shape is simple, it’s easy to open and close, and can be worn in your hand, or else fold it over and attach the accompanying strap for a leather crossbody bag. I’ve mentioned before how I love that look and wear many of my bags that way.

Another personal favorite is the Winter city bag. It zips all the way across, is available in black patent leather or dark brown crocodile embossed leather. Both are stunning and great for the fall.

All Gianni Chiarini bags at Serena Italian Imports are 25% off!

Hope you enjoy this video of our Gianni Chiarini City Collection.

August 17, 2010

Sambonet Stainless Steel at

I love stainless steel bowls and platters. There’s something about the clean, crisp simplicity of them that makes these pieces easy and pleasing to use. Stainless steel doesn’t corrode or rust as ordinary steel does, and low maintenance is certainly what we all need in our lives. We’re all familiar with the beautiful luster that stainless steel brings to a table. And the designs are timeless.

We’ve created some videos of our merchandise for you, and here’s the first one, where you can see our Sambonet collection. Hope you like the background music!

Our collection of Sambonet stainless steel contains a variety of shapes, sizes and prices, and each has a multitude of uses. Small bowls can be used for nuts or candy or just decoration on an end table, and the larger bowls can be used as serving bowls for side dishes or a fruit salad.

Some of my favorite pieces of the collection are the Sambonet Linea Q Rectangular bread basket and Sambonet Linea Q Square fruit bowl. They kind of remind me of simple and functional Scandinavian design.

Have you ever needed a house warming gift or hostess gift? These pieces are ideal for that, and the prices are so reasonable. Let us know what you think!

August 10, 2010

Thinking about the Fall

Is anyone starting to think about fall clothes yet? I know, it’s only August, but at our house we’re already getting lots of catalogs in the mail showcasing the newest fall trends. I don’t know about you, but when they arrive in the mail, I start to feel the same thing I feel on Sundays, like around 3 or 4 in the afternoon. Does anyone know what I mean? That acknowledgement of a weekend ending, or a lovely summer starting to wind down, and it’s time once again to think about getting serious.

Thankfully, fashion is always fun, and we get to see what the designers have come up with for the fall. I’ve seen so much texture in outfits- and I love monochromatic ones that can be easily personalized- as your outfit can be used as the canvas on which to accessorize as you wish-shawls and wraps, Italian scarves, Italian leather handbags, costume jewelry- it’s all good.

Today I was out to lunch with some very dear friends – and we all agreed that the fashion police are gone for good. Phew! So anyone who was worried about wearing the wrong thing can just forget about it. Just feel good about your choices. And make a style for yourself, at any age.