August 23, 2010

Italian Handbags by Gianni Chiarini-What do they do for us?

We all love our high quality handbags and we all have particular tastes and needs- just like we do with our wallets- shape, feel, additional extra compartments. But let me tell you something- there is nothing like Italian handbags. From design to execution you can’t beat them.

When I carry a Gianni Chiarini bag, from a utilitarian standpoint I’m all set- everything I need is in my bag, I feel confident (I know, it sounds really trite to say that a bag makes me feel confident)- but I never feel that the design nor shape is over the top, nor is it dwarfing the rest of my look.

Serena Italian Imports’ Gianni Chiarini City Collection is a group of Italian handbags, with clean design, crisp lines, and there’s something for everyone, including suede bags. Take the Cortona foldover bag, for example. The shape is simple, it’s easy to open and close, and can be worn in your hand, or else fold it over and attach the accompanying strap for a leather crossbody bag. I’ve mentioned before how I love that look and wear many of my bags that way.

Another personal favorite is the Winter city bag. It zips all the way across, is available in black patent leather or dark brown crocodile embossed leather. Both are stunning and great for the fall.

All Gianni Chiarini bags at Serena Italian Imports are 25% off!

Hope you enjoy this video of our Gianni Chiarini City Collection.

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