August 25, 2010

IVAT Tuscan Glass at

Sometimes I get so fixated on my clothes or my home being put together in neutral colors, that I forget how much excitement, lightness and happiness a splash of color from Tuscan glass can add to a table. I suppose that’s what we all had in mind when we saw these IVAT handmade glass bowls and platters in Milan at the Macef trade show. It was mid-January, the sky was grey, and we were indoors all day seeing Italian merchandise all around us.

Here’s a video put together by Serena Italian Imports, especially for you, so you can see the colors and gorgeous design of our IVAT collection:

We hadn’t been too familiar with the IVAT name before the show, and each day the show booth was so crowded, we hesitated to stop. Finally we did, and we’re so glad! Gorgeous, hand blown and hand-painted glass platters and decorative bowls that match, and are gorgeous! There’s a colorful set of IVAT Sinatra Harlequin Bowls, which work perfectly as glass ice cream bowls. They have been selling so well that we hope to even get to the IVAT showroom in the fall, in Arezzo, not far from Florence, to see what other goodies they have come up with. Can’t wait to get there.

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