April 27, 2010

The Unforgettable First Time

So I introduced my boyfriend, who became my husband, to Italy. And he loved it, and we got engaged in Florence, travelled to Rome, visited my “Italian family” at their house in the countryside and all was good.

A year or two later, we’re back to Europe and it’s time to show him Venice-the city, the canals, all the Venetian glass and more Italian beauty. We had travelled extensively in those years, as we both worked in the travel industry at the time- we had been to other parts of Europe, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Kyoto. But nothing prepared him for seeing Venice for the first time.

My husband was a relatively sophisticated traveler even then, back in the mid-80’s. Maybe we’re all jaded now, and some people say that Venice has become a sort of Disneyland, but this was around 25 years ago….

Train travel was de rigueur for us in those days, and suitcases didn’t have wheels, or at least ours didn’t. So we get off the train, walk straight out of the station, and lo and behold, waddaya know- water! Well, you would have thought I was married to Gomer Pyle! Golleeeee. You know that delight when you see your toddler realize something for the first time? Well, I felt that same sensation seeing his face. Now he gets it; the lightbulb just went on. And it made me love him all the more.

Enjoy these photos of Venice, brought to you by my friend and fan Jodie!


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  1. Grazie for the romance and the pictures. Makes me want to hop a plane...and then a gondola.