November 16, 2010

Ahhhh- Italian Leather…Those Italian Boots…The Italian Handbags…

The 10 days that I recently spent in Florence were fulfilling, breathtaking and overwhelming. Maybe you’re familiar with the Stendhal Syndrome! And if not, you can read about it here:

Some of my own swooning was over the abundance of styles of Italian handbags and Italian boots. It is just endless! Ankle boots, over the knee boots, thigh high boots, regular boots. Soft leather, grey suede, black, grey- lots of grey. Flats, high heels, low heels. Many of the higher heels are a bit chunky, and are reminiscent of the 1970’s styles.

Those of you who have been to Italy have surely noticed how merchandise is so beautifully displayed and arranged in store windows. This makes all the bags and boots even more attractive and desirable. I desired them all! In addition, usually weekly, the display windows are changed- which gives everyone who passes by a chance to see even more merchandise.

Italian handbag designers for this season are highlighting some lovely shaped shoulder bags, handbags and totes. All of the neutrals are able to be paired together, and some of the combinations of beiges and greys are refreshing and unexpected.

Here’s a look at my own personal boots- and some Gianni Chiarini and Annalisa Miniutti handbags.

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