September 19, 2011

Counting Down The Days

In three short weeks we’re headed once again to the luscious city of Florence, Italy. Even though here at home we are just starting to think about our winter holidays and gift ideas, we’ll be thinking ahead and buying goodies for all of you for spring/summer 2012.

I am so excited to be returning to Italy, as Florence really is my home away from home. A week there sounds like a lot, but we are already pretty booked, and I am hoping to have enough time to fit in all of my cultural visits (and some personal shopping, too!)

On the business side, there will of course be a visit to Angela Caputi’s showroom to see once again her fabulous fashion jewelry. There, we’ll have a chance to view her spring/summer 2012 collection and place an order. And if we see any special 2011 holiday pieces, we’ll order some- which make great gifts for women.

Other visits are to a jewelry company in Arezzo, not far from Florence, and also to a showroom in Milan. We’re establishing a relationship with a company there, and look forward to bringing you new Italian designs, some of which are casual, others more dressy-and easy to wear with anything.

Florence is full of exhibits and events this time of year, and there are also weekend fairs “in campagna”, in the countryside. The fresh fall crisp air, especially outside the city, is a delight. I hope to spend time with my Florentine friends away from the city, at least one day, and have a chance to reconnect with them.

We will be in touch from there, with photos and great stories to tell.

In the meantime, if you’d like to help us make space for new merchandise, help yourselves to a 15% discount by entering code FLORENCE upon checkout. Valid through October 1.

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