May 10, 2010

Creating Elegance with Simplicity, Without Spending a Fortune

Elegance, fun and simplicity- they can go hand in hand- and very easily. One of the tips I learned from my years living and shopping in Italy is that lots of pieces that are in your closet right now, you probably don’t need. Less is more. When I worked for Macy’s buying office in Florence, sometimes Italian women would come to work a few days in a row wearing the same clothes- and they had slept at home! Can’t say I’ve ever dressed that way.

Italian homes are smaller, their closets are way smaller than ours and they know that some special accessories or a new leather handbag can add simple elegance. A pin, a shawl, a strong necklace or a pair of earrings can freshen up last year’s outfit – and give you a lift.

And keep your colors neutral- whatever neutral palette is best for you- is it black and grey? Is it brown and beige? I use my clothes as a background on which to add texture, a burst of color, a particular necklace that I love, a pair of boots- or even a special red lipstick that goes well with my coloring.

Please- don’t try to make your bag and shoes and necklace and scarf all matchy matchy- and wear just one or two special items at a time. Sometimes a bag and a scarf are all you need. That’s where the clean elegance comes in. Nonchalantly all put together.

So have fun dressing; life is too short not to. A presto.

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