May 18, 2010

How do YOU buy online?

How do you buy merchandise online? Do you only buy things you’ve seen in stores and are just looking for a lower price? Do you have favorite sites where you’re sure to find what you need/want? Are you "just browsing?"

Young adults have told me that they don't really care about the look and feel of a site-- but for me, and I think for all of our clients here at Serena Italian Imports, it’s crucial. You all want to know us. Before buying from a new site, I always read About Us – just like going into a brick and mortar store, I need to have a feel- what is this place about? Who are these people? Can I trust them? Are they like me?

I buy as much as I can online- from shoes, to boots to thigh hi’s to body lotion. Sometimes I know exactly what I want, and other times, I have a general idea. Take Gianni Chiarini leather handbags for example- maybe you’ve seen a few in some department stores, and others online. You know the leather is soft and supple- but you’re not sure- it is the right size? Is the color well represented? We do the best we can to show you – and describe for you - our merchandise. I take chances online often. What’s the worst that can happen? And the rewards far exceed the risk.

So get to know from whom you are buying. We love letting you get to know us! You can always e-mail us or call us at 617-329-1439. Here’s a photo from our website kick-off party in December. The prosecco flowed and even the strictest dieters couldn’t resist the cake.

And tell us your own tips for shopping online, on our Facebook page discussion:

A presto.

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