September 27, 2010

Does One Really Need to Pay $1500 for an Italian Handbag?

Does the label really matter?

At our home, we have been getting the usual fall catalogs in the mail these days (and I thought we were all trying to save trees and save money- what happened to that?) But, never mind the political correctness for a moment- the PRICES of handbags.I just don’t get it.

First of all, yes, I love Italian leather handbags. Italian leather is of superior quality, the workmanship is magnificent; the attention to detail, the comfort, style, and durability is unsurpassed. But one can have all of that without paying a crazy amount of money. I’m not saying it’s ever cheap, and while cheap handbags are fine, you all know what I mean. Are the designers laughing all the way to the bank? And sometimes the bags aren’t even leather!

Let’s talk for a minute about the necessity of having a well-known designer label on a bag. Why does one need it? I’m just posing the question. It gives us prestige,we think it shows our sense of style without having to create our own. Does it tell people that we are wealthy, or happy, or well-adjusted or does it tell the designers that we are willing to pay whatever it takes to validate ourselves and show off to others their labels on our purses, and on watches and jeans?

The designs themselves are stunning. Granted. But often it really is just the name that is generating the high cost. Soft leather handbags can be found online for a quarter of the price- and it gives us the chance to create our own style and look without having to follow the pack.

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