September 13, 2010

Murano Glass Jewelry by Ercole Moretti

Anyone who has been to Venice and its island of Murano, or has seen jewelry online, knows how overwhelming the choices of glass jewelry are to the eye. We know how confusing it can be. Well, you’re not alone.

The initial vision of colors, luminescence, shapes and sizes is enough to scare away even the most trained person. We have learned to eliminate fairly quickly what we don’t want for our clients, and to focus on what interests us the most. What we pass over first is jewelry that’s commonly seen in shops in the US. At Serena Italian Imports, we specialize in bringing unique gifts ideas and unusual designer costume jewelry to our clientele.

We are featuring Murano glass jewelry from Ercole Moretti. One of my favorite pieces from that line is our Moretti Rectangular Ring, a very simple Murano glass ring. A Moretti Square Ring is also available. At $32 they are sweet treats for yourself or for a friend. This adjustable ring is perfect for any size hand.

There are glass beaded necklaces in various styles and also an adjustable bracelet, our Moretti Murrine Bracelet.

Trust our eye at Serena Imports to bring you all that is special and unique from Italy. We’ve done the legwork, and can bring Italy to YOU!

Here’s a video of Ercole Moretti’s glass jewelry from Murano. You’ll also see some of our necklaces from Raffaele Piccoli. Hope you like the accompanying music, too!

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